What is the best way to submit my resume?

Thank you for your interest in job opportunities at Plymouth Rock Studios. We are not currently hiring, but job openings will be posted here as they become available.


If I have a script I would like Plymouth Rock Studios to review, where and who do I send it to?
Unfortunately, Plymouth Rock Studios has a strict policy not to accept any unsolicited materials based on legal liabilities. If you would like to submit the material, we recommend that you find an agent or attorney who could submit the material on your behalf. The Writers Guild of America has a roster of approved agencies that you might contact to review your material.


Do you have any job presentations coming up in the near future?
At this time, we do not have any presentations scheduled, however, keep checking our website for updates.


If I want to be a movie extra or pursue a career in acting, who do I contact?
Plymouth Rock Studios is not currently in need of extras, actors or actresses. We recommend those that are interested to contact their local casting agency for more information.


How do I get an internship with PRS?
Internships are offered on a per semester basis and can be applied for by visiting the Internship page.