Plymouth Rock Studios Holdings, LLC is proposing a state-of-the-art technology center including an earth friendly, film and television studio campus. The opportunity identified by the company comprises an investment in a mixed use real estate development and provision of ancillary services, tours, special events and other revenues streams associated with the operation of a full service film, television and commercial digital studio.

A world-class, state-of-the-art, user and eco-friendly facility providing an unmatched level of service to members of the arts and entertainment community.

The Company has partnered and has worked extensively with a team of accomplished entertainment industry executives, real estate developers, designers, and builders who collectively have been involved in highly successful projects at Sony, LucasFilm, Paramount, Disney, and Creative Artists Agency and development projects in California, Montana, Colorado, and Massachusetts to arrive at the design and operating plan for the studio complex. More specifically, the roles of these individuals have included:

With local and state entitlements in place and $250 million in direct construction costs for the first phase of construction, the proposed studio campus will include sound stages, offices, pre- and post-production facilities, and multi-acres of exterior sets with diverse city facades, as well as an amenity village, which includes retail, independently financed residential components, and a 300 hotel rooms.


With the enactment of film industry tax incentives in January 2006, there has been a surge of production activity in Massachusetts. Since the introduction of the tax incentives there has been 38 films for over $1 billion in direct film-based revenue for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, compared to a total of $67 million in the pre-credit period from 1999 through 2005.


After investigation into locales that are successful hubs to the entertainment industry, including Los Angeles, New York and New Mexico, the common denominator is proper production facilities with sound stages. A sound stage is the most basic necessity of a filming environment, allowing the ability to control lights and sound and enabling a production to stay on schedule and budget despite the weather. Currently, there are approximately 350 sound stages in Los Angeles County and there are no sound stages in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


An example of the planned backlot.


The Company intends to fill this market need for facilities and services related to digital media production in Massachusetts. As a leading-edge studio, the Company’s target clients and tenants will be major film, television, and commercial productions. Marketing for these clients and tenants targets highly regarded independent producers, advertising agencies, major studios, and brand name broadcast and cable operators from the across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Plymouth Rock Studios will give the East Coast its first independent, full-service film and television studio facility offering everything the targeted client needs, from pre-production to post-production services. The Company is dedicated to world-class excellence in services across all platforms of activity. It is anticipated that the Studio and its tenants will employ over 2,000 skilled professionals and will generate significant direct and indirect economic benefits. 


The studio will attract film and television productions looking to take advantage of the state’s 25% film tax credit and give talented students and creative professionals the option to remain in or return to the region. Plymouth Rock Studios, the world’s first LEED® certified green studio campus, will be the premier destination for the arts and entertainment community.


Preliminary rendering of the outdoor theater.


Aerial rendering of site lit up at night.


For more information and serious inquiry regarding on site office leasing please contact us through the Tenant form on our Contact page. Site tours are available upon request.

For more specific information on studio development see our Documents page where you can download PDF files of site plans, design standards, traffic research, economic impact studies and more.